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Eywa is a story that begins with this thought: In the infinity of life, take time for the soul. Embark on a sensory journey, a journey of self-discovery. Breathe and enjoy the Eywa experience, taking care of your body, your mind and your soul. Start your journey TODAY...

Eywa Yoga & Wellness Retreats

Eywa is a place to look after ourselves, where you can evade from all those “noises” that we have each day…

"Thank you, Silvia, for this fabulous moment out of time together. Additionally, the personalized support provided by Silvia throughout these days, aimed at achieving the objectives that we had set together at the beginning of the stay, was remarkable. Furthermore, these moments of sharing and discussion among women were truly amazing..." Virginie B. - France
I went with a friend and we both had the most incredible experience . We took home with us lots of knowledge as well as experience with Ariel yoga . The morning yoga at sunrise was the most amazing experience... Michele D. - Switzerland
"Amazing harmonization retreat - We were a group of four friends and we absolutely loved the whole programme as well as the instructor, Silvia. Initially, we had an amazing introduction to many new topics such as chakras, sound healing, as well as aromatherapy. Silvia's approach was absolutely unique and tailored individually to each one of us. Moreover, the sessions of Aerial yoga were great and significantly helped us overcome our fears." Tereza O. - Czechia
"An experience you don't want to miss! - I booked an individual retreat with Silvia, so everything we did was on a 1:1 basis. Importantly, she was very in tune with my personal needs, making it a beautiful experience! Moreover, Silvia is an extremely talented and compassionate yoga instructor and healer. Impressively, I was amazed with all the skill sets she offered during the retreat, including massage, kobido, Reiki, sound healing, cellular bioenergetic osteopathy, guided meditation, and more..." Theresa G. - United States - Retreat Guru
"Eywa is a very special space. Full of Greenery peace and calm. The steam room is wonderful and the yoga space, treatment rooms and education spaces are fantastic. However, the best thing about the yoga retreat was, by far, the teacher. Silvia is a unique and extraordinary yoga practitioner and healer..." Jessica W.R. - Great Britain - BookYogaRetreat

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