The Team

In Eywa we intend to share with humility, enthusiasm and good energy, not only the teachings of yoga but our essence, passion, eagerness and all our experiences and lessons learned in years of knowledge, we get a connection with ourselves and with our environment so that your yoga moment becomes a unique and enriching experience.

Our team practice its passion for year and will accompany and guide you in this exciting world of yoga in a warm and close way.


One day, I put my bare feet on the floor and began to feel. One day, I opened my eyes and looked at the trees around me, and I kept feeling. One day, I opened my heart with wing looking at the sky, and let it fly because I felt they were the same. And yet, I breathed deeply. The great mirror of nature bringing me back the message of what really I am, what we really are. I became aware of the importance of stopping and let us feel and create that connection. And it was this connection that led me to yoga.

From a young age, I felt that connection with nature that has led me to delve into different paths. I have always been interested in everything that revolves around me of what we call “welfare”. As I was a young mother, I felt the importance of touch, the contact with my children. That led me to newborn massages, Siatsu, Reflexology, Reiki and Thai massage.

Hatha Yoga teacher – Master in “Precision, Integration and Consciousness” by the International School of Yoga; certified Yoga Alliance, the European Yoga Federation and the Spanish Federation of Professional Yoga training. Yoga teacher training for children and families by Rainbow Kids Yoga, certified by Yoga Alliance UK and US Yoga Alliance. Aereo Unnata yoga teacher. Yoga Nidra with Swami Digambarananda.

I followed intensive training in Anatomy for movement with Blandine Calais Germain (Hip and yoga, knee and yoga, shoulder girdle and yoga, spinal mobility and yoga, neck and yoga, spinal cord and yoga..)

Body respect, acceptance and self-knowledge, sensitivity and awareness to what I live day by day. Sensory awareness and rootedness.

I am in a constant learning process.

My infinite gratitude to life for giving me the opportunity to accompany and be accompanied by so many special human beings.



 I started very young being a Step and Aerobic teacher. I was interested in the human body and health. I saw how important the diet was, hence I decided to train as a dietitian. Gradually I was deepening in diet and then I discovered the Holistic nutrition, of which I am in love. I trained with Marcel Caufriez method. I am an expert teacher of his Hypopressive method.

I was fortunate to meet Sonia Campra and my life took a turn. There was a before and after when we met.

I trained Pilates + Expansion, Postural Reeducation & Corporal Intelligence and Yoga+.

My priority, respect for the body caring for each person working with me, with love and enthusiasm. I continue my education loving each respectful body work that takes you to know it a little bit better, because we are not always aware of our body.


I have ran my own business since I was 25 and always enjoyed working with people, helping to improve their lifestyle and how they feel about themselves.

It has been important for me to look after myself also and care for my own body, therefore it has been a natural transition to now start a business that is anchored in health. It is my belief from living the yogic life that the mind, body and soul must be balanced and in harmony for true inner peace and vitality to be felt.

A fundamental part of our wellbeing is understanding how important our food choices are. Food can be medicine or poison to the body and for each of us this can be different.

I use a painless, non intrusive test to check food intolerances. The process is very quick, less than an hour and the results have been shown to help with many common ailments and can assist in releasing more vitality and energy. I use a machine that tests your body and your specific intolerances, you receive the results in the same session and you can start adapting your diet immediately. I also provide supplements that you may need.

I like to combine all of the knowledge from my spiritual journey into my work.

When I lived in India I learned about myself and how it feels to connect to my heart, my body and to clear my mind. I hope to bring an open heart as I meet each client and share this unique way of healing.


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Hatha yoga came into my life in a whisper.

Yes…that´s the way that most important thing goes to your life. That whisper, that little voice we call intuition which springs from the deepest part of you and fills you with certainty. I decided to train in this ancient discipline at Yoga International School.

The first year, I fell in love with each asana and Pranayama and its philosophy.

The second year was like getting deep into my roots in the ground until I saw it flourish. A delicious fruit that showed me so many things.

Over the years I have experienced the thousands of benefits from a life in connection with harmony, in peace…a life in yoga…and there´s nothing better than share it with all human beings that are looking for a sneak peek of walking in this fascinating path.

I started to teach my first classes and continued my education in restorative yoga putting all my love to every word, every smell, every asana.

At this point in my life, more than ever, I am deepening, broadening my knowledge in courses of Mindfullnes and enjoying my way step by step.

Hatha Yoga takes hold of this simple way by be rooted in life and myself.


The search for truth, listen to the intuition that inspires me, and creative, have always been my passion. From very young I began to explore the world looking for alternatives to what I saw around me. In this way of life, I´ve been traveling, it has been coming around from everywhere, the need to express otherwise, in a creative, unique and own way.

Yoga and meditation were doors that I was invited to observe my mind and body from elsewhere. I connected with Yin Yoga.

Working as a personal therapist excites management, with free-creative movement and Ying Yoga. My proposal for the workshops are focus in knowing ourselves and experiment, connect with the present moment and inner stillness.

Developing facilitative Transpersonal and emotional management in the Spanish School of Transpersonal Therapy. Professor of Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Master in Neutral Therapy, Thetha Healing Therapist.