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Aerial yoga is trained in a fabric hammock.

No experience needed, the only important thing is to feel like raising up and have fun.

It eases the fulfilment of traditional positions. Zero gravity allows total freedom of movement and relieves pressure in the neck and body in general. Postural alignment through relaxation and awareness rather than the requirement. Balances the nervous, digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular and immune system. Increases flexibility and muscle strength.

Enjoy a state of relaxation and an intense well-being.

Spread your wings on the way of self-discovery that we lovingly call yoga.


It is one of the paths of yoga; the best known in West. The literal translation of Hatha is “yoga in force”. Yoga means union. In the word Hatha, the syllable HA refers to the female energy and the moon, and the THA syllable masculine energy of the sun. Hatha is the union of sun and moon within the body that symbolically represent the life force and mental strength.

With this ancient discipline, though the Asanas (postures) and Pranayama (practice of conscious breathing) purify our body, providing welfare to physical and mental level.


The therapeutic yoga is based on the deep knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the human body. It adapts in the practice according to the biomechanical and pathological characteristics of the practitioner with the aim of working our physical individually.

Classes are specifically designed to rebalance and restore physical imbalances and help improve the functional and/or psychological conditions of the practitioners.

With the different positions, internal organs are pressed, encouraging and helping smooth functioning. For this reason is especially effective in lumbar, cervical herniated disc problems, scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis or sciatica.

Besides classes can be softer and can be more emphasis on the practice of relaxation and meditation.

In conclusion, its main purpose is that people have and feel their body healthier.



Se trata de una propuesta que adapta el yoga a la realidad moderna actual sin traicionar su esencia.

La clave se encuentra en la Readaptación Postural que permite a la persona reorganizarse neuromuscularmente de una forma más eficaz al abordar las Asanas con conciencia. Para ello, desarrolla estrategias corporales hipopresivas donde la persona experimenta en su propia piel la disminución de presión para comprender qué significa hiperpresión y como puede evitarse.

El Yoga + conlleva un enorme beneficio para los tejidos y además trata de evitar las lesiones.



“If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world with one generation”. Dalaï Lama

Yoga helps children develop emotional intelligence, as well as providing communication skills, trust and empathy. The atmosphere created in yoga class encourages children to relax and have fun while developing not only the strength, coordination, flexibility and balance, but also body awareness, better care and self-confidence.

Children learn to listen to each other and at the same time to express themselves creatively. They will strengthen their muscles and specially their mind in a funny way. They learn to relax, breathe, laugh and enjoy.


This type of yoga coordinates movement with breathing. It is an active, dynamic and strong yoga that helps to become aware of the placement of the body, breath and visible expression in the body, which is itself, the expansion of the rib cage, breast lift and opening ribs.


Method conceived by BSK Iyengar. Centers body in an alignment from which reorganizes the physical posture. The practice of postures (Asanas) is supported with the use of bracket as blocks, belts, blankets, cushions and chairs.

The use of this supplements helps to improve postures and to perform enabling all people to hold positons longer and so the benefits of these can deeply penetrate not only muscle but organic and mental levels.

The importance is in the alignment, is the spine of the method.


The Conscious Dream

It is a meditation technique that has its roots in the ancient practice known as a Niasa. Yoga Nidra can be translated as psychic sleep, a state of profound physical, emotional and mental relaxation that makes possible for the consciousness to establish on the border between awake fullness and sleep.

In comparison with the other meditation techniques, yoga Nidra has the advantage of practicing it lying on the back, in relaxation posture (Savasana). The comfort provided by this posture greatly facilitates the deepening of consciousness and often, the first obstacle we find in meditation is the difficulty to relax in the classical meditation problem.

When the state of Nidra is reached, mind becomes very receptive, memory cleans and strengthens, imagination unfolds the appropriate channels, learning power and intuition and deep knowledge manifests.


Yin yoga is a restorative yoga that stretches and stimulates the body´s connective tissue (fascia, ligaments, joints, tendons). It is a passive practice where postures are held between 3-5 minutes with relaxed muscles, as this tissue is not elastic and need time to respond.

Stimulates the flow of vital energy, calms central nervous system and prepares meditation.




It is a time for you, to be with you in an intimate and special way. Not being in a quiet place, to be the silence that observes the noise. Familiarizing ourselves with our inner world.

It´s a great adventure, explore and learn about the functioning of our own mind in a calm and objective manner, it consists simply to BE. Focus on the present moment without judgment. Here and now as it happens.

Meditation is your nature; you, yourself, your being. It is a natural break in the arms of life.



Nuevo enfoque para el cuidado del cuerpo. Un cuerpo libre, en funcionamiento, fabuloso y lleno de energía.

Esta maravillosa técnica revolucionaria nos aporta un bienestar increíble mientras creamos espacio en nuestro cuerpo entre músculos y huesos.

Un cuerpo alineado y que conserva toda su libertad de movimiento es el cuerpo más bello posible.

El trabajo consiste en rodar sobre una pelota especialmente diseñada, con el propio peso del cuerpo y acompañando con la respiración. Nos aporta los beneficios del deporte y la salud del masaje.

Complemento natural del Yoga. Sus objetivos son los mismos. Libera las restricciones del cuerpo, elimina el estrés y la tensión dándote equilibrio y calma, mejora la postura, incrementa el arco del movimiento, mejora la alineación de todas las partes del cuerpo, incrementa el tono muscular y aumenta la flexibilidad.



logo inteligencia corporal

Readaptación postural & Inteligencia corporal es una técnica corporal cuyo objetivo es organizar neuromuscularmente la estructura y desarrollar la inteligencia natural del cuerpo.

Despierta tu conciencia corporal de una forma particular y profunda. Es un método claro, preciso y concreto en el que se desarrolla la red neural, siendo una herramienta eficaz para mantener no sólo un cuerpo firme y flexible sino además un sistema nervioso sano y equilibrado.

Con este tipo de trabajo descubres tus hábitos posturales y llegas a entender qué te está perjudicando y por qué, proporcionándote estrategias específicas para crear nuevos hábitos saludables.

logohipopresivo postura


It means works of the energy. It is a discipline of more than 5000 years old, consisting of exercise that works the movement, breathing and mind. Its purpose is to circulate energy through the channels clearing blockages. It provides multiple benefits and helps us to keep physically and mentally healthy.


Originally, tai chi was an internal martial art to improve the quality of life, both physically and mentally.

In more recent times it is considered as a physical and spiritual practice, on one hand it would be very helpful to health while in the other hand is a technique of meditation (meditation in motion).


Physical training that focuses on developing core muscles to maintain body balance and give stability and firmness to the spine.

Its main purpose is to strengthen muscles, increase control, strength and flexibility of our body.


Created by Dr. Manuel Caufriez, this method associates body Hypopressure exercises and physical programming thanks to the suitable rhythmic postural exercises use.

These exercises can be adapted to a new schedule of body schema, manage to improve posture and properly manage abdominal thrusts. This method reinforces the shortening of abdominal muscles, quickly and effectively reduces waist.




Ancient healing therapy whose roots are in India and were brought to Thailand more than 2500 years ago. Thai massage is called “Nuad bo Rarn” which literally means Nuad = pressure, bo-Rarn = old. The massage is done with clothes on and lying on a futon. Combines stretching and pressures. It is very effective in the gradual opening of the body, increasing mobility and flexibility, good circulation and energy to body tissues reducing body tension.

This massage is based on energy principles and a holistic view of human beings. Its main objective is to restore the flow of vital energy to achieve physical, mental and emotional balance.

Very beneficial in cases of stress and strain on the body/mind, muscle and joint pain, insomnia and nervous tension.


Japan original ancestral therapy which bases its benefits in getting the proper channeling of vital energy (chi) through pressure on certain key points of our body, exercised with the fingers and palms. Corrects irregularities and maintains and improves health, contributing to the alleviation of disease by enabling the ability to heal the human body. Suitable for all types of ailments, back problems, neck and shoulder. In addition to muscle and joint pains.

Siatsu is a holistic treatment for them all the body works. Relaxes generally low level of stress, increases the quality of life and well-being.


Ancient technique with origins in ancient China, Egypt and the Cherokee Indians, whose tribe foot massage is a part of a sacred ceremony, believing that because they are our contact with the earth and the energies flowing through it. In addition, through them, the spirit is linked with the universe.

Reflexogy is a manual therapy based on acupressure lobbying by certain parts of the body (feet, hands mainly) that are linked to internal organs, looking for a rebalancing effect. Particularly recommended to help fight stress, improves circulation, sleep and activates the immune system.


Combination of the most effective in achieving deep relaxation and stress evacuate disciplines. A real body therapy based on yoga and massage Nuad bo Rarn.

It provides an overall relaxation of body and spirit. Its originality lies in alternating, relaxation and physical stimulation; what it occupies the mind relaxes and let record and sensations in the body while energy is stimulated. A series of yoga postures while pressure and stretching along the meridians and acupressure points are exercised. Let reconnect with the body and become aware of the tension to release them.


Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine originated in India more than 5000 year ago. Ayur mean LIFE and Veda science “science of life”. It is a natural way to create balance and strengthen the body self-healing capabilities.

Ayurvedic massage is based on the theory of the 5 elements and the three Doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha. This Indian massage is done with warm, deep and vigorous movements to ensure both energy points (Marma) are stimulated, activating the body both physically and mentally, allowing the regeneration of all body system.

To restore blood circulation, eliminates toxins generated by poor diet and pollution. Premature aging stops, calms nervous tension, stress reabsorbed creating a deep sense of relaxation and well-being.



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Juices 100% healthy and natural.

In Eywa, we feel that nature is our teacher, harmony and connection with it, the feel of the roots in the ground, the tree that grows and all those branches that expands its strength, stability, LIFE.

In our detox corner you can enjoy natural juices with fresh seasonal products, because we want to give you all the good that nature gives us, because we believe that if we really want to enjoy good health at all levels and a comprehensive welfare state, we must take care of our body and mind also from nutrition.

You can enjoy comfortably in the space we offer in our lounge where you can read, talk or just listen to music.

Because we want you to feel like home.


Oasis of relaxation and wellness, a unique experience to forget the world and live your moment.

The origins of Hammam

This is a very old tradition dated back at the Greco-Roman period.

Its origins are in the Roman and Byzantine baths moved to Turkey during the 17th Century, therefore also known as Turkish bath or Arab bath.

The Greeks went to the Hammam to cleanse and purify before going to temple. In the Arab world, these baths are integrated into daily life as a privileged social meeting point and is a real ceremony of purification of body and soul.

Unlike sauna, which is dry and has a very high temperature (70 to 100ºC); Hammam, uses water vapor and has an almost 99% humidity and a temperature ranging between 25-45º Celsius.


In additions of being very relaxing, it is good for health and has many therapeutic properties.

The heat and steam cause pores to dilate and the sweat glands are activated allowing the body to eliminate toxins and impurities, producing a deep cleaning of the skin. It is therefore, especially suitable for acne skin.

The heat stimulates the nervous and hormonal while accelerating metabolism and fight against stress and fatigue system.

Meanwhile, water vapor humidifies the airways making breathe easier, providing more oxygen and thus a deep relaxation. It is therefore recommended for people with anxiety, stress and depression.

Furthermore, this humidification airway has an expectorant result, so it is especially effective and indicated for colds, coughs, sinusitis, bronchitis and other respiratory conditions.

On the other hand, with this great oxygenation the tissues are revitalize, helping to slow the aging process of the skin.

In summary, it has a de-stressing effect, detoxifies the skin, purifies the body and increases its defenses. It has beneficial effects for arthritis and relieves menstrual cramps. Relaxes muscles, let fatigue delete and stimulates circulation.

A real sense of wellbeing.