EYWA is a space where you embrace life from the simplicity of the small things.

It was born from the need to move, communicate, share the experiences and knowledge acquired not only through Yoga as a discipline, but as a life attitude, leading us to all ages, from children to seniors, pregnant women or with some physical pathology, from restorative yoga, aerial or meditation, but always trying to get in a close and fun way.

In EYWA we aim with humility, enthusiasm and good energy, to offer you not only a place to care the body but also the mind, a meeting place where all your senses awake, an understanding of “here and now”, because LIFE is to BE LIVED, a place to look after ourselves, where we can evade from all those “noises”, “potholes” and “hinders” that we have each day.

Every change means challenge, in EYWA we suggest to be your own space where you can challenge yourself to be you, relax, enjoy, evade, let yourself feel and preserve that child part that we all have. Join to EYWA movement, join to HAPPINESS movement, because we think that everything is easier with a smile.

Our mission, accompany you day by day “in your physical and spiritual awake”.

The place

EYWA is above all, a beautiful story. A different yoga center, a place to make a real pause.

The idea was to create an authentic space with an exceptional energy.

The inside is careful to detail, we have been collecting pieces around the world with the aim of creating a pure, real and magical place.

A place to cultivate balance and energy; body and soul alignment.

In the heart of Puerto Banús, a privileged place to discover and delve into the secrets of yoga, either private or group classes, enjoying Hammam, a massage or simply a bio pause in our detox corner.

This project is a unique gift.