In EYWA during the retreats we intend to offer you an average of 6 daily hours of activities to take care not just of your body, but of your mind and to awake your inner self.
A long range of practices to reconnect with our body sensitivity, rest, relieve stress, relax and recharge our vital energy.

The activities that we will practice both in the center and on the beach are the following:

Unnata Yoga

The Aerial Yoga practice implies a general improvement in health thanks to postural correction and internal stimulation of the organism.
The practice increases flexibility of muscles and joints, decompresses the spine, fights liquids retention and cellulite and contributes to the drainage of lymphatic and circulatory system.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga help us train our entire body in very different ways. Its good not just for exercise but also helps to relieve injuries and reduce stress. It´s a very good way to increase or preserve our elasticity, thanks to slow and controlled asanas.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a smooth yoga, which promotes stillness and breathing observation. It seeks to work with the tissues at a deeper level, in ligaments, joints, and bones. It´s a yoga where the posture adapts to the body and not the body to the posture. Yin yoga affect meridians of internal organs and help to unlock and balance the energy to these organs through acupressure.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra “dream yoga” is a powerful systematic method, a result of the collection of ancient techniques and tantric rituals. Through different asanas, the purpose is to reach extreme but conscious relaxation. This practice allows to achieve absolute peace, physically and mentally. It also prevents premature aging, treat insomnia, calms anxiety and helps overcome addictions.


Aromatherapy is a natural therapy based on the therapeutic activity of biochemical molecules contained in essential oils. These oils can be taken by inhalation (initial concept of aromatherapy), but also topically to treat wounds, rejuvenate the skin, hydrate the lips, treat acne.. or ingested (diluted in water, as a food additive or directly under the tongue).


The practice of meditation will be sitting (mindfulness session or guided meditation) or in action through a walking meditation on the promenade or on the beach. Meditation improves our well-being by activating some areas of the brain (associated with empathy and compassion), reducing the amygdala volume (involved in fear processes) and regulating vital functions (blood pressure, digestion, catabolism, anabolism,..).


In addition of being very relaxing, Hammam or Turkish Bath has a stress-relieving effect, detoxifies the skin and purifies the body. It has beneficial effects for arthritis and relieves menstrual cramps. It´s also good for muscle relaxation, blood circulation and for the stimulation of the nervous and hormonal system so it can accelerate the metabolism and fight stress and fatigue.
A real feeling of well-being…